How I Got Into Outsider Poetry

I sold a copy of the children’s book a couple of weeks ago. We had a second printing done, and it’s not done cheaply so it was expensive press run, then we never got around to promoting it even doing a show or two where we could put it out, so now we just have a couple boxes of it for future purposes.

Mostly what I have been working on, after a year of doing other peoples’ books, Iced Cream by Jesus Correa, and The Zen of Beard Trimming by C.J. Campbell, is a personal crusade to promote Outsider Poetry and move up in the Google rankings for the search term, which has proven difficult because sometimes you run up against someone who has poached a search term unwittingly, much the same way we did with “Rhino Wrangler” when we wrote this book and there were a couple of product lines we crowded out of the top page for a while, but due to general laziness and not working together we lost the search term and I doubt we’re even on page one anymore.

Anyway, I’ll lay down a poem that is an example of Outsider Poetry, then a couple of links, then I have to go rub Jenny because she’s already sick because the kids returned to school.

Watching Braveheart With John

I made the mistake

Of watching Braveheart

With my friend John.

Midway through the

Torture sequence

(And keep in mind

This is a first viewing)

John catapults into

A tirade:

“That movie, Signs,

What the fuck was

Up with that, motherfucker?

Worst fucking movie

I ever saw.

Hope you’re suffering

You son of a bitch.

Oh yeah, shove that thing

All the way up his anti-

Semetic ass.

M Shammalammadingdong

My ass.

I want my seven godamn

Dollars back.

I hope it hurts

Like hell you


I didn’t get much

Out of the movie after that

And it didn’t seem to

Make any sense explaining

To John

That addressing your problems

To a two dimensional

Fictional character portraying

A mythical 11th century character

Wasn’t going to get his

Money back or make

M Shammalammadingdong

Movies any more watchable.

But I guess I know

How he felt.

Most likely the same way

You feel about

Me right now.

But you’re not getting

Your money back


I forgot about that poem. Anyway, I have consumed four Tab Colas this evening and a sleeve of fun size Milky Way bars and I have to tell you about the outsider poetry journal  vavlt and this new Outsider Poetry venture I am editing along with Olivia Suchs. It has been a lot of fun, and starting to receive submissions from writers who obviously haven’t bothered to even read our publication, or anyone else’s poetry in general, is a treat only editors of literary magazines get. I wish I could do these last 25 words on gift certificate heck I should even have typed out the words twenty-five I bet I never go back to Houston.


About Zombie Logic

I am an Outsider Poet and the Publisher of Zombie Logic Press.
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