The Midway Theatre: When The Roof Fell In

Last March the roof of the historic Midway Theatre collapsed. I live a block away from the Midway and I pass by it nearly every day so I was deeply saddened a building this beautiful was allowed to fall into such a shameful state of disrepair by a ruthless property speculator. It’s typical in downtown Rockford for people to buy historic structures then allow them to rot away waiting for money from the tax payers to fix them up. The city gave the deadbeat owner several months to make repairs, but this week it was revealed the repairs have yet to be done. So they gave them an extension 


This is a photo of the Midway taken by a very good photographer friend of mine Ryan Davis. Also pictured are the gloves I left at the Goodwill store earlier this week. You can see what a beautiful place it is. What a crime for it to become another victim of a city with a moribund sense of conscience. My full Zombie Logic blog on the Midway.


About Zombie Logic

I am an Outsider Poet and the Publisher of Zombie Logic Press.
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