Artichokes, Asparagus, and Anchovies. Please.

Why do kids seem to hate asparagus? Looking at it and even smelling it you might think they have a point. It is bitter and funky tasting. So why are we so keen on making kids eat things they don’t want? I read an article once from a respected and highly credentialed scientist stating it really didn’t matter very much what kids ate as long as they we eating something. That seems contrary to everything we ever learned from day one, but a lot of what we know now is quite different than what we knew was true even twenty-five years ago. Anyway, the first thing Jenny and I ever worked on was this panel for a book we still have to finish. It’s all about food aversion. Not the entire book, just this panel. It stars Ella. 


Artichokes, asparagus, and anchovies.





About Zombie Logic

I am an Outsider Poet and the Publisher of Zombie Logic Press.
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