How Poetry Gets Done

For centuries one of the rules guiding poets was “Don’t write about writing poetry.” Don’t talk about the poem, the circumstances that inspired it, the conditions in which you wrote it, what it means, or how you feel about it. I guess I only have one response to that… “Why not?” 

How Poetry Gets Done

A punch is thrown
In darkness
And finds the poet’s
Nose. All quite
Accidentally. The poet
Is given a napkin
And begins to write
About lollipops and
Whisk brooms.
Leaving the building
The poet crashes through
A plate glass window,
Halting the progress
Of a James Bond film.
The crew’s howls follow
Him as he discovers a
Grand piano has
Demolished his Datsun.
Stacks of napkins in hand
The poet boards the train
And quietly falls in love
With 50 strangers.


About Zombie Logic

I am an Outsider Poet and the Publisher of Zombie Logic Press.
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