Home Delivery Poem

When I worked in warehouses and on delivery trucks I’d often be found writing down snippets of poems on cardboard, snippets of torn paper, or napkins from fast food restaurants. Being a part of peoples’ lives, being invited into their home, seeing things many times they never intended you to see was an interesting experience for a poet. Any beats or phrases I might have had going on my head did seem to be jostled around by the truck’s rumbling. I really enjoyed those times despite the enormous toll delivering appliances has taken on me. This is my favorite of the poems I wrote about it. It’s included in my book Flesh Wounds. 

Home Delivery

The truck’s impassive
Rumbling shook
The poems right out
Of me. Poems about
The lonely men begging
Us to stay for just one
Beer and the lonely women
Angling for illegal
Hookups. We left them
With machines to clean
Up the blood and tears.
We got back in
The truck.


About Zombie Logic

I am an Outsider Poet and the Publisher of Zombie Logic Press.
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