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Should Prospective Children’s Book Authors Choose Self-Publishing?

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish Web sites and books listed on my site offer enthusiastic and reliable information about self-publishing. I selected sites and books by people who have been successful in this area. However, I’d like to present … Continue reading

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How To Publish a Children’s Book

1) Decide whether to hire an agent. In exchange for a commission on your earnings (usually 15%), an agent can critique your work, submit it to certain publishers who wouldn’t consider it otherwise, and negotiate your contract. It’s very difficult, … Continue reading

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How To Beat The Claw Machine and Win Shiny Trinkets For Your Ungrateful Children

Squatting menacingly in the corner of your favorite restaurant, movie theater, supermarket or bowling alley, the claw machine is a harsh mistress. There’s something unmistakably hostile about its steely, three- or four-fingered grip, and something immeasurably frustrating about the feeling … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Writer’s Block

Here’s my tip for the day: Ending Writer’s Block Okay, so you planned your novel and jotted down all these fantastical ideas, but you’re completely stuck. Johnny just said, “I love you,” and Sally’s just sitting there. What do you … Continue reading

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